Joey Roth Ceramic Subwoofer

We've been more than happy with Joey Roth's Ceramic Speakers, but if you're looking for a bit more oomph than what they can provide, pair them with his new Ceramic Subwoofer ($700). Sporting the same clean white design as the speakers, the sub contains a 6.5-inch driver that's complemented by a passive radiator and is powered by a 50 watt Class D amplifier that sits in the simple stainless steel base. Available on its own or paired with the speakers for an extra $400.

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  • B&O Play A9 Speaker

    Producing great sound is one thing; looking good while you're doing it is quite another. The B&O Play A9 Speaker (€2,000; roughly $2,600) manages both feats thanks to a unique, saucer-like design that begs to be left out for all to see. Good looks can only get you so far, but the A9 backs them up with a two 3" midrange speakers, two .75" tweeters, an 8" woofer, and three separate amplifiers to power them. And thanks to built-in AirPlay and DLNA wireless streaming, you won't need to sully the proceedings with unsightly wires.

  • Boast Sound Reflector

    You would think that with all the money Apple pours into the iPad, they could make the speaker sound decent. Instead, the rear-facing abomination needs friends like the Boast Sound Reflector ($15) to help it out. The Boast is made of polypropylene homopoly, hugs your iPad using neodymium magnets, and redirects the sound from the rear/side of your iPad to the front — where it belongs.

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