Joseph Joseph Carving Set

Get a jump on your fall and winter holiday cooking preparedness with the Joseph Joseph Carving Set ($45). This set includes an eight-inch Japanese steel carving knife and seven and a half-inch stainless steel carving fork set that magnetically connect together for easy transportation, no matter where you find yourself cooking. The included chopping board features a no-slip angled cutting surface, an integrated meat grip, and corners made for easy pouring — so it's perfect for carving roasts or poultry, without wasting any of the juices.

  • Camerons Stovetop Smoker

    Get delicious smoky flavor in your meat and fish without the hassle using the Camerons Stovetop Smoker ($33). Made to work over just about any heat source, it works great on your gas or electric indoor range — so you won't have to do your smoking outdoors once the cold weather sets in. Its seamless stainless steel construction holds in the smoke, while cleaning up easily in the dishwasher. At seven by 11 inches, it's plenty big to hold a large piece of meat, or a filet of fish, but still small enough to fit on your stove. It includes a supply of wood chips, a recipe booklet, and a non-stick rack, so you'll be all set to get started.

  • Dish Whiskey Soap

    If John Wayne had time to do his dishes while crossing dangerous Apache territory, he would do them with Dish Whiskey Soap ($16) — but he was probably a little too busy protecting a stagecoach to worry about clean pots and pans. We're not saying something as simple as changing up your dish soap will make you as tough as The Duke, but it certainly couldn't hurt. This American-made soap is barrel-aged and charcoal-filtered, with a scent that conjures memories of your favorite bottle. It comes in a 16-ounce container perfect for resting next to your kitchen sink, or stuffing into your saddle bag.

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