Not a fan of the virtual controls of your favorite touchscreen games? The Joystick-It ($25) can help. This crazy solid aluminum joystick attaches to the front of your device, plopping down right above the virtual joystick/d-pad to provide that tactile feel that's so maddeningly absent from all these newfangled "touchy" gizmos. Great for all sorts of games, though it's obviously best when paired with a game you actually used to play with a joystick.

  • Classic Typewriters

    Sure, you can write anything from a letter to a novel using your computer, iPad, or smartphone, but there's nothing quite like the tactile feel of Classic Typewriters ($350-$600). Hailing from companies such as Corona, Olympia, Royal, and Olivetti, this collection of tools from the last century might be just the thing to get you past your writer's block — or to add a little analog charm to a tech-heavy home office.

  • Sugru

    Got a gadget that needs fixed, a handle that's rubbing you the wrong way, or just an urge to play with the adult equivalent of Play-doh? Get yourself some Sugru ($10-$20). This modeling clay/super glue/alien symbiote forms a lasting bond between a variety of materials, and cures to a tough silicone overnight, making it weatherproof, flexible, and generally indestructible. If only we could say the same about our gadgets.

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