Jül Smart Mug

For most of us, coffee is a vital part of the day. But if it's so hot it scalds your tongue or so cold you have to force yourself to finish it just for the caffeine, it's a huge letdown. This is, unfortunately, the case with paper cups, ceramic mugs, and double-walled tumblers. The Jül Smart Mug by Power Practical lets you pick the temperature at which you want to drink your coffee and keeps it there to the last drop.

Presented by Power Practical.

  • Lindlund Creative Ruler

    Today's designers need more than just inches to layout their sketches. The Lindlund Creative Ruler was made for them. Cut from high-grade aluminum, it offers the traditional measurements of inches and centimeters, plus both picas and pixels. The latter has a simulated ppi of 150, as well as indications for the sizes of iPhone and iPad screens. A rubber coating on the back keeps it securely in place, and the four measurements make it easy to create 90-degree angles. Available with a black or silver anodized finish.

  • Air Pollution Ink

    As long as we keep burning fossil fuels, we'll have to deal with air pollution. Air Pollution Ink uses it to create something worthwhile. By capturing pollution at the source — a car's exhaust pipe — students at the MIT Media Lab can turn it into carbon black ink. Every 45 minutes of driving renders 1 ml of liquid ink, which is then used to fill the 2mm, 15mm, 30mm, and 50mm markers, as well as the 150ml containers of screen printing ink.

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