Ka-Bar Tactical Spork

It sounds like a Taco Bell gimmick. But the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork is no joke. Made from a high-strength, food-safe polymer, this compact camping tool hides a 2.5-inch serrated knife inside its body, giving you everything you need to enjoy beef, chicken, and game while in the wild — everything but fire, that is.

  • Yshoot Sport Pack Slingshot

    Highly compact but still powerful, the Yshoot Sport Pack Slingshot is a reliable weapon that fits in your pocket. It's built from polycarbonate and weighs just 1.6 oz, including the elastic bands, and has a loader attached to the handle that uses magnets to keep the stainless steel marbles in place until you're ready to shoot. The unique design means it doesn't need the customary armrest, and it arrives with a pair of bands and a pouch to keep everything together.

  • FishHunter Pro

    You're already using your phone to keep track of your fishing. Why not let it help you find the fish, too? FishHunter Pro is a Wi-fi enabled gadget that floats on the surface of the water, giving you real-time sonar information in an easy-to-understand interface. It can find fish as far down as 150 feet, has a range of 160 feet, a battery life of up to 10 hours, and can handle temperatures down to -22 degrees, making it suitable for ice fishing, as well.

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