Kano DIY Computer Kit

There's no denying it, computers, software, hardware, microprocessors, control nearly every thing we interact with on a daily basis — from the cars we drive and the toys we play with to the appliances we use and the conveniences we rely on. In spite of this, comparatively few people understand computing technology. The Kano DIY Computer Kit aims to change that, empowering everyone from grade school kids to adults and everyone in between to build and program their own computer. These kits include all the things you need to build a functioning computer — but the fun doesn't end there. Once you've completed your computer, you are free to program games, and other software, hack into the command line, and much more. It's the embodiment of the idea of learning while doing.

  • Fluxmob Bolt

    Keep your phone fully-charged — even when you're miles from the nearest wall outlet — with the Fluxmob Bolt ($60). This handy device is one part wall charger for any USB-enabled device, and one part battery, so you don't necessarily have to worry about being connected to the power grid to get some juice. Simply plug it in when you have access to power, and let your phone or tablet charge — the built-in battery charges at the same time. Then, when you're out on the move and in need of a recharge, just plug your device into the box, and let it go (it's good for up to two charges).

  • NPW Pocket Microscope

    Magnifying glasses are great for examining ancient texts and burning ants — but if you really want to see what's going on at a small scale, grab this NPW Pocket Microscope ($42). Measuring roughly 6" x 4", this pocket-friendly tool offers sharp 30x magnification, letting you see close-up details of everything from flowers and fibers to smartphone screens and counterfeit bills. We're kidding, of course — we think.

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