Kano DIY Gadget Kits

We all have gadgets. Few of us completely understand how they work. Kano DIY Gadget Kits are fun ways to learn more about our electronic existence while making some useful toys. One kit lets you build a camera, learning more about photography by selecting lenses, and making filters, while another is a simple grid of pixels you can hook up and program to do everything from displaying sports scores to playing simple tilt-based games. Finally, the speaker kit lets you wire up a Bluetooth speaker of your very own, and adds a synthesizer to the mix to help you learn about electronic music. All three kits work with simple software that lets you add custom functions, and can be purchased separately or in a bundle.

  • Sony Xperia Ear Assistant

    The virtual assistants built into our phones are powerful tools. But they still require you to take out your phone to work. The Sony Xperia Ear Assistant gives you access to similar tech while letting you keep your phone in your pocket. The small, comfortable speaker/mic combo reacts to your commands, handing tasks like checking your schedule, searching for information, navigating, and sending messages. It has a number of built-in sensors that let it know when it's in your ear and follow your movements, so you can respond to yes or no questions with a simple nod of your head, and comes with a convenient charging case so you won't run out of juice on the go.

  • Glance Clock

    There are smartphones, smart homes, smartwatches, and now with the Glance Clock, we have the first smart clock. Housed in a aluminum frame, the sleek fabric interface will display all of the information from your apps, calendars, and home devices on your wall. Get sound or silent alerts on the weather, your next meeting, and when you're getting a call or message without having to constantly look at your phone. Its clean appearance will be welcome both in your home and office.

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