Ken Burns

With the way acclaimed documentarian Ken Burns typically titles his work, you'd be forgiven if you got the impression he used himself for his latest subject. Instead, this Ken Burns is actually a new app that draws on many of Burns' documentaries — films like The Civil War, Baseball, Jazz, and Prohibition — and uses them to tell the story of American history, via tap-friendly timelines and theme-specific pages covering topics like Art, Innovation, Politics, and War.

  • Facebook Paper

    Like it or not, many of us find out about the latest news from our Facebook feed — whether it's the death of a beloved actor, a former quarterback's legendary fur coat, or the latest civil unrest abroad. In that spirit, Facebook Paper makes the experience of consuming news and other timely content on our phones a little more beautiful, with an immersive app that combines your friends' stories with those coming from sources both established and upcoming. With intuitive interactions, Flipboard-like panels, full-screen photos and videos, and customizable sources, you may actually find yourself enjoying exploring the news. But it doesn't stop there. Paper lets you create your own stories, viewing them as they'll appear within the app, and within Facebook's native feed.

  • First Tracks

    Alarms are great if you're looking to be among the first to hit the slopes in the morning — but there's something disappointing about waking with the sun only to find out that last night's fresh snow has already been befouled. Keep that from happening with First Tracks. This app from cold weather outfitter Helly Hansen uses your location and local weather information to wake you up at your designated time if nothing's changed, but earlier than expected if there's fresh powder to be had. It's as close as you can come to having a snow sensor in your pocket.

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