Kenny Powers' Home Run Fiesta

Kenny Powers' Home Run Fiesta

Help Kenny on his comeback trail with Kenny Powers' Home Run Fiesta (Free). This 8-bit baseball game packs in plenty of insults straight from Powers himself, five levels, and exclusive content from season dos of Eastbound & Down. Sure, it's not going to win any awards, but it's free, funny, and what else were you planning on doing while waiting in line at the DMV?

  • Diacarta

    Looking for a more elegant way to plan your days than the iPhone's built-in Calendar app? Give Diacarta ($2) a try. Based around a novel interface that offers two 12-hour periods — AM and PM — for each day, users drag-and-drop from a library of more than 50 graphic icons on to screen, and move it around the edges of the central clock to associate it with a particular time. Simple, elegant, and well-designed, it's well worth the two bucks even if your day planning consists of nothing but "buying beer," "grilling out," and "drinking beer."

  • Weber's On the Grill for iPad

    You've got the grill, the tools, the meat, and the rubs, but a measly five bucks and your iPad might get you the best grill companion you'll have all summer. Weber's On the Grill for iPad ($5; iPhone version also available) is a virtual grill companion app, offering a searchable database of over 250 classic recipes, instructions on making 40 rubs, marinades, and sauces, a grocery list, how-to videos, an integrated grill timer, and the ability to note each recipe when you find that "secret ingredient" that makes your BBQ stand out from the rest. (Hint: most often it's booze.)

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