Kerchoonz K-Box Speaker

Kerchoonz K-Box Speaker

One of the problems with speakers is the fact that their size often forces you to leave them at home. Not so with the Kerchoonz K-Box Speaker ($75). At just 4.5" x 2.2" x 0.8", this diminutive speaker can be hooked up to practically any audio source, and uses patented gel-audio technology to turn any flat surface — like a table, wall, or box — into a full-on speaker with surprisingly good bass response. Sure, it's not going to replace a portable Hi-Fi, but for places that you don't want to take your normal portable system, it's better than nothing.

  • Skiff

    Move over Kindle and Nook: there's a new e-reader in town. The Skiff Reader ($TBA) boasts the largest, most high-resolution display of any consumer e-reader yet, clocking in at 11.5 inches and 1200x1600 resolution. Made using LG's "Metal Foil" e-Paper technology, it removes the risk of breakage found in other, glass-based screens, and offers full touchscreen capabilities, as well. The device will be sold and supported by Sprint over 3G, and also offers a built-in content store and Wi-Fi.

  • Sony Dash

    Tired of waiting around for the mythical, Unicorn-like Apple Tablet? The Sony Dash ($200; April 2010) just might be for you. Sporting a seven-inch touch screen, Wi-Fi, an accelerometer for automatic screen reorientation, a USB port, and stereo speakers, the Dash is a connected Internet viewer and mini-computer, compatible with audio and video content from Sony's Bravia Internet video platform — like Pandora, YouTube, and more — as well as over 1,000 apps from Chumby industries, a NAVTEQ app for directions, and more.

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