Like to carry your keys on a carabiner? Upgrade from the climbing gear to something more refined... like the Keysquare ($36). Designed specifically for carrying your keys, it's cut and machined from a solid block of stainless steel and hand finished for durability. While it sports a long slit for attaching to a belt loop, it's still small enough to easily slide into a pocket, and like any good piece of metal, it also doubles as a bottle opener.

  • Crovel Tactical

    Not satisfied with the shovel/crowbar/axe combination of the original Crovel? The Crovel Tactical ($110) should sate your multi-purpose weapon/tool hunger. Boasting a steel shovel head, the Tactical offers a saw tooth edge, a threaded hollow steel handle that lets you screw in a slingshot attachment or a deadly sharp spike, 15 feet of 500 paracord wrapped around the handle, weighting that makes it an effective throwing weapon, and, of course, a bottle opener — because who cares how many people you kill if you can't enjoy a beer afterwards.

  • Crescent Odd Job Multi-Tool

    Get multiple projects done without multiple trips to the tool shed with the Crescent Odd Job Multi-Tool. This relatively petite tool serves as a hammer, mallet, ratcheting bit driver, screwdriver, utility knife, and nail puller, all while measuring less than a foot long. The real surprise? A multi-tool on Uncrate that doesn't include a bottle opener.

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