Kiba Family Camera

If you have a family, you likely take a lot of pictures of them. Unfortunately, that also means you're missing out on the moment, stuck behind the camera (or phone). The Kiba Family Camera lets you enjoy those moments with your family while still getting the shot. It takes 13 megapixels stills and shoots 1080p video, and uses a custom "Joy Ranking Algorithm" to pick the best shots and clips from each day, uploading them automatically to the cloud. You can also start the camera via voice command or schedule a time for recording, but most of the time it just works on its own — exactly how you'd want it.

  • Kodak Super 8 Camera

    You'll note there's no "digital" in that title. That's because the Kodak Super 8 Camera shoots on film. Designed by Yves Behar, the camera is modern-looking, yet recalls the design of the original Kodak Super 8 from 1965. It uses 15m film cartridges good for several minutes of shooting, and buying the film covers your processing, too, with both a digital scan and developed film returned at the end. It has a fixed Ricoh 6mm lens, an angled handle on top that also incorporates a microphone, and is built for manual operation, including the focus, aperture, and speed. It's not totally analog — there's a 3.5-inch swiveling viewfinder, an SD slot, USB, and HDMI on board — but for any aspiring (or aging) filmmaker, it'll offer an experience no digital camera can match.

  • Phase One XF 100MP Camera

    Megapixels are far from the most important aspect of a camera, but they sure can come in handy. Thanks to a full-frame medium format CMOS sensor that's 2.5 times the size of the ones you'll find in typical DSLRs, the Phase One XF 100MP Camera offers an incredible 100 megapixels of resolution without sacrificing image quality. It does so by packing in 16-bit color depth, 15 stops of dynamic range, an ISO range of 50 - 12,800, and the ability to shoot long exposures of up to 60 minutes. All those pixels also mean high sensitivity to movement, so the system builds in vibration tracking and detection as well as an electronic first curtain shutter to help keep the shakes at bay.

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