Killerspin Throw II Robot

Unless you spend a lot of time at the local table tennis club, one of the toughest parts of improving your game is finding someone to play. Enter the Killerspin Throw II Robot. Designed to simulate playing against a real person, this intelligent pitching machine offers adjustment of topspin, underspin, left-to-right and short-to-long ball placement, and ball arc, and can throw out balls at speeds of up to 100 in minute. In other words, not only can it help you improve your game, but it might just be even better competition than your friends.

  • Ciclotte Exercise Bike

    Yes, it's ridiculously expensive, but the Ciclotte Exercise Bike ($12,000) is also the only piece of exercise equipment we've seen that screams to be seen instead of hidden in a bunker-like home gym. The Ciclotte features a complex dual satellite epicycloid transmission, a carbon-and-alcantara adjustable saddle, a touch-screen display, pedals placed closer to the saddle for correct biomechanics, a slender, unicycle-style frame, and unique carbon handlebars. Getting in shape never looked so good.

  • FWD Powershot Hockey Sensor

    Sure, you can use a radar gun — and a really sharp eye — to tell how fast the puck is travelling, but if you want more precise metrics on your play, you need the FWD Powershot Hockey Sensor. This Bluetooth-enabled gadget slides down into the hollow shaft of your hockey stick and uses sensors to capture the stick's speed at ice level, how long it takes to complete a motion, the angle of the stick, its angular velocity, and its acceleration, all of which is used to figure out how fast the puck is going. As with most sport sensors, it then syncs with an app so you can see how you've performed over time and share your data with your coaches, teammates, and friends.

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