Kindle Fire HDX

Continuing its transition away from simple e-reader to fully-functioning tablet, the Kindle Fire HDX ($380) packs more power, an improved display, and productivity apps that make it a serious competitor. It features a 2.2GHz quad-core processor that is three times more powerful than its predecessor, with two gigs of RAM and a dedicated graphics card. The display features incredible pixel density (339 PPI), on a nearly nine-inch screen for a better reading and viewing experience. Additional features include a "Mayday" button that lets you call Amazon for help any time, an eight megapixel rear camera, and the ability to connect to 4G LTE.

  • Earl Backcountry Survival Tablet

    iPads and the like can be incredibly handy... when you're around things like Wi-Fi, cellular towers, and electricity. For those times when you're not, there's the Earl Backcountry Survival Tablet ($250). Designed specifically for use in the wilderness, it offers features like a 1024 x 768 6" flexible E-Ink screen with the ability to double as an emergency lantern, a built-in AM/FM/SW/LW radio tuner, an IP67 rated water/dust/shock/mud-proof design, an integrated solar panel, internal weather sensors, a FRS, GMRS and MURS transceiver for use as a two-way radio, and a glove-friendly infrared touchscreen. Combined with the robust GPS hardware, Bluetooth 4.0, and Android 4.1, it's a uniquely qualified piece of kit that could quickly become indispensable on your next outdoor adventure.

  • Wikipad

    The name is a little confusing — it has absolutely nothing to do with Wikipedia, Wikilinks, or any other traditional Wiki, as far as we can tell — but that doesn't mean the Wikipad ($250) isn't worth a look. Built with gaming in mind, the Wikipad features a 7-inch HD screen, a Nvidia Tegra 3 processor with quad-core GPU, a built-in gyroscope, compass, and accelerometer, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, 16GB of internal storage with a MicroSD slot for expansion, GPS, and built-in stereo speakers. The biggest feature, however, is the detachable game controller that gives you a proper D-pad, dual analog sticks, and Playstation Mobile certification.

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