Kite Patch

For most of us, mosquitos are nothing more than a nuisance we have to tolerate when we spend time outdoors — for the rest, a mosquito bite can mean illness, or even death. The Kite Patch ($35) renders people virtually invisible to mosquitos, without the harmful, nasty chemicals found in many of the solutions we use today. These small stickers adhere to your clothing, disrupting mosquitos' ability to detect the carbon dioxide we exhale. Even better, when you buy ten Kites, they'll send ten more to a family in Uganda, where mosquito-born illnesses are more severe than anywhere else in the world.

  • Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun

    When two barrels don't quite cut it, you need the Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun ($1,629). This impressive twelve-gauge shotgun has three 18.5-inch barrels — two side-by-side, and one on top — all fired by a single mechanical trigger. This combination makes for a shotgun that is incredibly fast to shoot, and always reliable. Each barrel has an individual choke, allowing you to have three separately-adjusted chokes in the same weapon. A two-part stock lets you use a full stock, or a short pistol grip, making this a versatile home-defense weapon, and a really fun gun to shoot.

  • Nemo Rhythm 40 Sleeping Bag

    Sleeping bag makers have always omitted a critical section of the population from consideration — people who sleep on their sides. The Nemo Rhythm 40 Sleeping Bag ($230) has an hourglass shape, accommodating those who would rather not stare up at the stars all night. Flares in the shoulders and leg area allow you to shift your position throughout the night, and give plenty of room for your knees. The bag is rated to 40 degrees, has a fully-adjustable hood with a pillow pocket, and a waterproof footbox, so you'll be comfortable no matter how you sleep.

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