Kitmen Keung Long Distance Watch

Remind yourself of how far you've traveled — whether it's a couple of timezones or nations away — every time you glance at your wrist with the Kitmen Keung Long Distance Watch ($480). This timepiece, meant as much for the man who appreciates minimalism as the man who gallivants across the globe, features two discrete faces. The first is meant to tell the current time, and is set off in high-contrast black and white. The second is meant to tell the time of wherever you came from (or wherever you're headed), and fades into the background thanks to a subtler gray color scheme. It features two individual three-hand quartz movements, a stainless feel case with a chamfered bezel, and a black Argentinian-made calf leather strap, making it as beautiful as it is simple.

  • Adidas MiCoach Smart Run Watch

    There are plenty of wrist-worn fitness trackers available for data-obsessed athletes out there, but few offer the feature-set boasted by the Adidas MiCoach Smart Run Watch ($400). While it does everything you would expect from a device that tracks your physical activity — a pedometer to measure your movement, and access to historical data to chart your progress — it also packs in some other useful features. Built-in GPS keeps track of your speed, distance, and your favorite routes. An on-board coaching system will help you train more effectively, whether you're getting ready for a 5k or your first marathon. Perhaps best of all, it features an MP3 player with wireless Bluetooth audio, so you can say goodbye to extra gadgets and obnoxious headphone cables.

  • Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch

    You don't want to be the jerk on the golf course who's constantly glued to his phone — no one likes that guy. With the Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch ($350), you won't have to be. Just like the previous versions, this GPS watch comes loaded with a database of more than 30,000 golf courses that you can access on the the built-in touchscreen display. Unlike previous versions, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity, letting you discreetly view notifications about calls, emails, and texts without taking your phone out of your pocket. Additionally, it lets you monitor analytics about your golf game, so you can gradually improve using real-life data that's unique to you.

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