Knife & Flag Work Aprons

No matter where you work — whether it's in a shop, or in the kitchen — when the job gets messy, there are few better ways to protect yourself and your clothes than a sturdy apron. Knife & Flag Work Aprons are made from durable 16- or 20-ounce canvas fabric, with leather straps in a cross-harness design, and double-stitched seams, so you know they're built to resist some serious punishment. Available in either a split-leg design, or a one-piece design, they come in denim, olive, and black colors. With plenty of pockets to hold all your stuff, brass clasps, rings, and buttons, and fine workmanship, they're probably the last apron you'll ever buy.

  • DualSaw Dual Blade Reciprocating Saw

    Whether you're tearing something down, or building something up, there are few tools more handy than a reciprocating saw — and the DualSaw Dual Blade Reciprocating Saw takes your standard reciprocating saw and turns it up to 11. As the first and only dual blade reciprocating saw, the DualSaw will make quick work out of just about any cutting task. With the ability to cut at two stroke lengths, it is the safest, smoothest cutting reciprocating saw available. It has less kick back, better stability, less vibration, and better control than any other reciprocating saw you can find.

  • Work Sharp Ken Onion Knife & Tool Sharpener

    There's nothing better for whatever project you have going than the right tools, but when they start to lose their edge, they become little more than an expensive paperweight. Keep a razor's edge on all of your blades with the Work Sharp Ken Onion Knife & Tool Sharpener ($150). An adjustable sharpening guide lets you produce consistent results time after time without any set up or calibration. A variable-speed motor and a multi-position module lets you sharpen all different types of blades, from a variety of angles. Whether you need to sharpen scissors, knives, or otherwise, there's nothing you can't sharpen with this versatile tool.

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