Kodak Super 8 Camera

You'll note there's no "digital" in that title. That's because the Kodak Super 8 Camera shoots on film. Designed by Yves Behar, the camera is modern-looking, yet recalls the design of the original Kodak Super 8 from 1965. It uses 15m film cartridges good for several minutes of shooting, and buying the film covers your processing, too, with both a digital scan and developed film returned at the end. It has a fixed Ricoh 6mm lens, an angled handle on top that also incorporates a microphone, and is built for manual operation, including the focus, aperture, and speed. It's not totally analog — there's a 3.5-inch swiveling viewfinder, an SD slot, USB, and HDMI on board — but for any aspiring (or aging) filmmaker, it'll offer an experience no digital camera can match.

  • Typhoon ActionCam

    The Typhoon ActionCam shoots 4K video. It's fairly likely your smartphone does too — but it's not attached to a gimbal. Thanks to the aforementioned 3-axis gimbal camera, the ActionCam shoots stable, professional-looking handheld footage at 4K or 120fps slow-mo 1080p. Its distortion-free lens offers a 115-degree field of view, the camera also captures 12 megapixel stills, offers 90 minutes of runtime per charge, and holds phones up to 6.4 inches in size, giving you app-based control and a huge viewfinder.

  • Lytro Immerge VR Camera

    It looks like no other camera, because it is like no other camera. The Lytro Immerge VR Camera is the latest creative tool from the light field specialists and uses a globe-like array to capture immersive video. Because the camera captures both depth data and light ray data, it's able to recreate the scene from a number of angles, letting viewers move side to side, up and down, and forwards and backwards as they watch, and lets editors seamlessly blend in CG elements with pinpoint precision. This pro-level technology requires a pro-level rig, so the camera comes with a dedicated server to process and manage footage, its own editing software, and playback software that works with most VR headsets.

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