Kohler Touchless Toilets

Putting your hands all over your toilet is the last thing you should ever do if you want to keep yourself healthy — whether you're leaving behind your germs or picking up someone else's. But with Kohler Touchless Toilets, you can avoid most of those nasty touches, by either replacing your toilet entirely with one of their touchless models, or by retrofitting your existing one with one of their kits. Each uses motion-sensing technology to flush with the simple wave of a hand — so all you have to do is master lifting the seat with your foot. But please, remember, this still isn't an excuse to skip washing your hands.

  • Waterpik Showerpik

    For those of us with an aversion to shoving bits of flavored string in between our teeth, flossing is that crucial bit of oral hygiene that we may choose to skip, or forgo entirely. The Waterpik Showerpik ($70) lets you get that nasty bacteria-causing junk from between your teeth, all while still in the shower (so you can shave some time off your morning routine). It uses a combination of water pressure and pulsation to massage your gums, remove plaque, and get rid of that bacteria. Attaches to fixed mount or handheld shower heads with a two-way diverter.

  • Vessel Hammock Bathtub

    The hammock and the bathtub are undeniable fixtures of relaxation — so it's no surprise that the two play well together as the Vessel Hammock Bathtub ($TBA). Unlike other bathtubs, but like a hammock, it's suspended above the ground, providing an escape from stress. Carbon fiber construction allows the unique shape, while keeping it light enough to hang. A foam core insulates the tub, keeping your bath water warm. It's also large enough to fit two, in case you want to share the experience. Available in black, red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze, and silver.

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