LaCie Culbuto

Flash drives aren't typically known for their looks — and even those that are worthy of displaying on your desk or in your office are so small that it's insanely easy to lose them. Neither of these are a problem with the LaCie Culbuto. Boasting up to 32GB of space and blazing USB 3.0 speed, this cleverly-designed drive features an oversized, weighted bulb-like bottom and a cap that doubles as a card or photo holder, making it perfect for leaving out on your desk and gently tapping around when you get bored.

  • EZ Robot Kits

    Made as a robotics kit for the everyman, the EZ Robot Kits make building, customizing, and programming your own robot accessible to anyone — even if you don't have a degree in engineering or computer science. With three chassis available (a hexapod, a humanoid, and a tracked roller) you can build on each with modular components like arms, legs, servos, sensors, and cameras. Their EZ-Builder software lets you construct robots digitally before assembling them, and write programs with a simple-to-use interface, letting you share your creations across the community. And for those feeling a little more adventurous, you can even 3D-print pieces for your robot at home.

  • Tylt Vu Wireless Charger

    Qi wireless charging is great if your phone has it. What's not so great is trying to find the hotspot on your charger, so that you don't set your phone down and walk away, only to come back to find a dead device. The Tylt Vu Wireless Charger eliminates this issue with multi-coil free positioning technology that lets you drop your phone down — in either orientation — and have it charge just as rapidly as a wall charger without the need to fool with the placement.

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