Lacie Fuel

Not everyone can get by with only 16GB of iPad storage. Or 32, 64, or even 128GB, for that matter. For those people, there's Lacie Fuel. This highly portable, battery-powered media storage vessel offers a full terabyte (1TB) of storage, giving you room for up to 500 movies, 160,000 songs, or 190,000 photos, all of which are accessible directly from your iPad thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connection and companion app. You can manage what's on the Fuel by plugging it into a USB 3.0 port on your computer, or if you're lazy like us, just use the Dropbox integration to sync everything over automatically.

  • Mophie Space Pack

    We don't have to tell you that a good case for your iPhone can preserve its life — saving it from accidental drops and other wear and tear. But the Mophie Space Pack ($150-$180) will do you one better. In addition to providing some extra battery life for your iPhone 5 or 5s, the Space Pack will also give you some much needed storage, with either 16GB or 32GB of capacity available. An easy-to-use file management system, Airplay and Airdrop integration, as well as the ability to easily access any kind of file at any time let you stop worrying about hitting your storage limit on your phone.

  • MaxStone Camera Remote

    Some shots with your DSLR are just easier to achieve with a remote — and some are downright impossible without one — whether you're shooting long exposures with a tripod, time-lapse photography, or video. And while there are plenty of simple remotes out there that pair with your camera using an IR signal, nothing compares to the ease of use of your phone with the MaxStone Camera Remote ($40). It combines a small IR- and Bluetooth-equipped pebble-like device that hangs on your camera using its attached dongle, and an iOS app, letting you have full control of your shutter up to 80 feet away on your iPhone. With time-lapse, automatic bulb, manual bulb, and video functionality, there's no limit to the kind of photos you can take.

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