Lacie Mirror Hard Drive

Using a laptop as your main computer commonly brings with it a crucial drawback: the need to haul an external drive around with it. Make sure it looks as good as possible with the Lacie Mirror Hard Drive. Designed by Parisian talent Pauline Deltour, this 1TB drive is encased in mirrored Gorilla Glass 3, and includes a handsome Makassar ebony wood stand and soft carrying case. And since it's powered over the USB 3.0 connection, you'll get fast data access without the need to bring along yet another power brick.

  • Zeiss VR One Headset

    When it comes to creating a great virtual reality experience, there are few things more important than what your eyes see. So it only makes sense that a company with a history of great optics would make a great solution. The Zeiss VR One Headset blends wide-ranging device support with the company's precision lenses to create an immersive experience. Thanks to a slide-out tray, it can support most smartphones with display sizes between 4.7 and 5.2 inches, and offers a see-through front shield for augmented reality apps, ports to allow access to the device's headphone and charging jacks, ventilation openings for increased airflow, and, for the bespectacled among us, support for wearing your eyeglasses while you're using it.

  • Carbon Flyer Video Drone

    It may sport airplane-like looks, but don't be deceived — the Carbon Flyer Video Drone is in many ways just as capable as its quad-propellered brethren. The airframe is built from carbon fiber, and assembled with carbon nanotube-enhanced epoxy for bonds that are stronger than steel welds. Features include dual high-power motors, an onboard camera for video recording, a protective nose cone and side casings, and hot-swappable, rechargeable lithium ion batteries. And thanks to Bluetooth 4.0, you get a 240-foot operating range, as well as an intelligent app that allows for one-handed control.

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