LaMetric Smart Ticker

Bring a little piece of the Internet into your real-world living space with the LaMetric Smart Ticker. This nifty little gadget sports a slim, sleek build, a speaker for letting you know when it's updated, and a face that's dominated by an 8x8 pixel logo and a 29x8 pixel white information screen. What goes on that screen? Pretty much anything you want. Thanks to a built-in Wi-Fi connection and a nifty companion app, you can display anything from the weather or time — how boring — to countdown tickers, fitness metrics, facebook likes, stock prices, email subjects, live PayPal balances — you get the picture. And thanks to a trio of buttons on the top, you can tap your way through a few options if you get tired of seeing how many people didn't like your last Facebook post.

  • Ekocycle Cube 3D Printer

    One of the biggest impediments to progress in the 3D-printing space is finding reliable and renewable sources for filament — the material used to print objects — but the Ekocycle Cube 3D Printer uses filament made partially from post-consumer PLA like that found in plastic bottles. This lets you create incredible, unique works of art and everyday items from stuff people frequently just throw away. You can design and print objects on this 3D printer using the included smartphone app, or choose from a number of already-existing designs. Either way you're contributing to the growing maker culture, while keeping your impact on the planet at a minimum. That sounds like a win-win.

  • Vessyl

    There are all sorts of gadgets out there to help us track our activity — but what about what we're drinking? Meet Vessyl. This ingenious piece of drinkware automatically recognizes what beverage you've placed inside it, allowing it to keep track of things like calories, caffeine, sugar, and fat ingested, and your overall hydration level via a system called Pryme. A slick, built-in hidden screen can show you basic info, and for a more complete view of your hydration habits, simply pair it with your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth and let the companion app handle the rest.

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