LawnBott SpyderEvo

Lawn-mowing season is upon us, and if you'd rather not spend your free time this summer keeping your yard in check, let the LawnBott SpyderEvo ($1,725) do it for you. This semi-automatic mower uses perimeter wire and internal sensors to handle pretty much any yard up to 10,000 sq. ft., automatically recharges itself using the optional docking station, offers four-wheel drive to manage slopes up to 27 degrees, is virtually silent, and runs up to 3.5 hours a time on a single charge of its Li-ion battery.

  • Fire Pillar

    Add a touch of natural flair to your environment without messing up your carefully curated modern life with the Fire Pillar ($280). Made from carbon steel and tempered glass and available in chrome, black, or white finishes, this 40-inch tall cylinder is topped by a fuel-powered flame that's easy to light and lasts for up to 2.5 hours, giving you a nice glowing ambiance indoors or out.

  • Firetext Smoke Alarm

    Everyone knows that smoke alarms are a must-have for any house, but they won't do you much good if you're not there. Enter the Firetext Smoke Alarm (£90; roughly $145). Operating over GSM, this ingenious gadget can send a user-defined text message to up to four numbers upon activation, runs on batteries — just like a normal alarm — and sports an 85db siren to make sure you're awoken should you happen to actually be at home. [via]

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