Layer x Layer Bags

Layer x Layer Bags

Carry your goods in style with Layer x Layer Bags ($45-$190). Available in tote, backpack, and wayfarer styles, the bags are made from USA-sourced denim and boast details like stainless steel hardware, beeswax-dipped edges to prevent fraying, versatile rope systems, and detachable pockets. All you need to do is decide what to put inside.

Our thanks to Gillette for sponsoring this month's travel gear articles.

  • Blackbox Case

    With its aluminum curves and sleek design, your MacBook Pro deserves a carrying case as stylish as it is. The Blackbox Case ($130) fits the bill, with solid oak construction made specifically for your 13- or 15-inch MBP, felt interior lining for added protection, and a simple strap closure. Even better, 15% of the purchase price goes to charity, which should help you to feel better when the case's beauty draws looks of jealousy from PC users.

  • Selvedge Sleeves

    Believe it or not, selvedge denim really is good for something other than making overpriced jeans. From the makers of Mocc Socks come Selvedge Sleeves ($28-$65), handy holders for your everyday goods — including your Field Notes, iPhone, iPad, passport, and sunglasses — made from 13.5 oz raw selvedge denim that will age uniquely and gracefully, which is more than we can say for that cheap silicone case you've been using. Oh, and you can drop our name at the door by entering UNCRATE20 at checkout and score 20% off through Dec 15th.

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