Lazer Sport Street Deluxe Woodgrain Helmet

Just because you play it safe when riding your bike, doesn't mean you need to look like a nerd. So, ditch the weird, angular shapes, neon accents, and glossy plastic for something a bit different, the Lazer Sport Street Deluxe Woodgrain Helmet ($57). Despite its woodgrain shell, this helmet still protects like its less-stylish alternatives, and, thanks to sixteen vents, will keep your head cool. Includes a set of detachable pads so you can customize it for a comfortable fit.

  • Vanmoof 10 Electrified Bike

    Leave it to the Dutch to design a bike that's perfect for urban commuting (they ride them every day). The Vanmoof 10 Electrified Bike ($2,640) is perfectly-suited to getting around town. A small motor in the front wheel, powered by a lightweight rechargeable battery, amplifies your pedaling power by 80%. Built-in GPS tracking lets you find your bike if it's lost or stolen, and design cues from the automotive industry — lightweight aluminum frame, mechanical disk brakes, automatic two-speed shifting — make it a pleasure to use. Available in November.

  • Mavic Plasma SLR Helmet

    Trying to milk all the speed you can out of your bike rides? Make sure your head isn't getting in the way with the Mavic Plasma SLR Helmet ($220). This high-tech helmet features Ergo Fit Pad technology with progressive padding and low-denisty open-cell foam to pull away moisture, the Ergo Hold SL Retention system that offers 6cm of size adjustment with the turn of a dial, and cabon composite reinforcement that allows for larger vent openings without compromising protection. Available in white, black, and yellow.

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