Le Labo Santal 26 Diffuser

Oil diffusers smell great and can improve the air that we breathe in just about any indoor environment. But most of the diffusers on the market are cheap, ugly, and don't last very long. The Le Labo Santal 26 Diffuser on the other hand, not only improves your space but has a unique look you can be proud of. It's made using reclaimed wood from New York's water tanks and comes with a unique number punched on the side. It holds a vintage light bulb that sits alongside the diffuser bulb which diffuses oil through a process that breaks down fragrance oil into a fine mist without diluting the oil in water, heating it, or adding solvent. The light and scent intensity are adjusted simultaneously by simply turning the knob.

  • Albert Clock

    With calculators, voice assistants, and tip-free ride-sharing services seemingly everywhere, there's never been more excuses not to do math in your head. The Albert Clock helps keep your brain active by displaying the minutes and hours as math problems. It displays them on crisp white LED display and offers four levels of difficulty, so it gets harder as you shake the rust off. Available in three colors and works on the desktop or a wall.

  • Lindlund Creative Ruler

    Today's designers need more than just inches to layout their sketches. The Lindlund Creative Ruler was made for them. Cut from high-grade aluminum, it offers the traditional measurements of inches and centimeters, plus both picas and pixels. The latter has a simulated ppi of 150, as well as indications for the sizes of iPhone and iPad screens. A rubber coating on the back keeps it securely in place, and the four measurements make it easy to create 90-degree angles. Available with a black or silver anodized finish.

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