Leap Motion Control Device

Forget Kinect — if you're looking for a way to control your computer via natural movements, look no farther than the Leap Motion Control Device. Based on proprietary technology, this sleek, compact motion sensor sits on your desk in front of your monitor, creating a 3D interaction space of 8 cubic feet that is 200X more accurate than anything else on the market — the difference between waving your arm and signing PDFs in the air with an actual pencil.

  • Recycled Record Guitar Picks

    Making music with music isn't exactly a new idea, but doing so in such a direct manner surely is. These Recycled Record Guitar Picks ($5/6-pack) are hand cut from old vinyl records, with the edges sanded down to a comfortable smoothness. They're supposed to supply a crisper sound than traditional nylon picks, but we're sure they'll bring a touch of vintage coolness to your next jam session.

  • Shot Glass Card

    Taking birthday shots is a time-honored tradition — but taking them out of a birthday card? That's new. The Shot Glass Card ($5) allows you to do exactly that by including a pop-out, fold-together glass on the inside of the card, which is either typical A2 sized or made to hang off the side of the recipient's favorite hooch. Instructions? Punch out shot glass. Fold over creases, insert tab into slot. Repeat 4x. Get shitty. [Scouted by Arnold]

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