Leather Fly Swatter

Nothing disrupts an outdoor meal quite like a swarm of pesky, winged pests. Strike fear into their hearts and thin their numbers with the Leather Fly Swatter ($24). An excellent example of form following function, these stylish leather and steel swatters are as useful as they are good-looking. The leather surface will last a long time, and wipes down easily, so you don't need to leave the splattered remains of dispatched flies all over it (unless you think that sends a message warning off future hordes).

  • Nemo Rhythm 40 Sleeping Bag

    Sleeping bag makers have always omitted a critical section of the population from consideration — people who sleep on their sides. The Nemo Rhythm 40 Sleeping Bag ($230) has an hourglass shape, accommodating those who would rather not stare up at the stars all night. Flares in the shoulders and leg area allow you to shift your position throughout the night, and give plenty of room for your knees. The bag is rated to 40 degrees, has a fully-adjustable hood with a pillow pocket, and a waterproof footbox, so you'll be comfortable no matter how you sleep.

  • Decahedron Fire Pit

    We have a hard time coming up with a more natural outdoor activity than gathering around a fire, and the Decahedron Fire Pit ($750) takes the classic fire pit and turns it into a functional art piece, making it a great place to come together. Naturally finished, and made from 4mm CNC engineered plate steel, each of the 10 pentagon pieces join to form a spherical shape. The removable and adjustable grill lets you cook while you relax by the fire, so now all you need for the perfect summer hangout spot is a cooler with a built-in stereo.

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