LED Bocce Ball Set

Ever had your garden party ruined because there wasn't enough light to complete your highly competitive bocce game? Bet you wish you'd had the LED Bocce Ball Set ($100). It includes the traditional white pallino with a white LED, four pairs of regulation-sized, two-thirds weight balls — one each of red, blue, yellow, and green — sets of lighted and flashing LEDs, three sets of batteries for each ball, a measuring string for scoring, and a nylon carrying case. Just don't try using it in Malibu.

  • VKing

    We'll readily admit that we've never played VKing ($100) before, but any game that includes battle axes, shields, and kings is cool with us. Based on an old, old Swedish Viking game, the object is to use your battle axes to bust all of your opponent's shields, and then conquer the king. As for the set itself, it's handcrafted in Vermont from hardwoods and includes 10 shields, 6 battle axes, 4 field markers, 1 king, a canvas storage bag, and, thankfully, a rule sheet. Our guess is it's probably a helluva drinking game as well, given that it was created by, you know, vikings.

  • The North Face Docking Station

    Whether you're high in the mountains or just chillin' by the lake, The North Face Docking Station ($430) makes for a fine base camp. The 97 sq. ft. main component offers room for six, with roll up walls, a perimeter floor and color-coding for easy setup, durable steel stakes, and an included duffel-style storage sack. Should your group grow larger as your stay continues, simply add on an available two- or four-person dock to turn your modest camp into a rockin' retreat.

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