Lego Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Like the Back to the Future DeLorean before it, Lego's Cuusoo has once again come up with a killer design for a legendary silver screen vehicle. This time, it's the Lego Ghostbusters Ecto-1 making the leap from concept to official set, including details like official Ghostbuster logos on the doors, a removable room, a tracking computer, a trap, and, of course, all four Ghostbusters — Ray, Venkman, Spengler, and Winston — all sporting their own Proton Packs. Lego ghosts not included.

  • Lego The Simpsons

    In perhaps the most anticipated pop culture collaboration of a lifetime, everyone's favorite yellow minifigs and the cartoon world's most famous yellow family have finally joined forces. Lego The Simpsons ($200) will take two forms. The first, a Lego set, depicting the Simpson family's home painstakingly recreated in brick form — complete with minifigs of Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Homer, Marge, and Ned Flanders. The second, a Lego-themed episode of The Simpsons planned to air on FOX in May of this year. The set is sure to please longtime Simpsons fans, with plenty of incredible details including the family's car, Bart's skateboard, a radioactive isotope, and much more. We can think of no better way to celebrate the show's 25th year than this iconic partnership. Expect the set in Lego stores this February.

  • Lego Mars Curiosity Rover

    For the uninitiated, Lego Cuusoo is a forum for brick fans to submit, and vote on, potential sets that may one day make it to a Lego store near you. And the fifth set to rise through the ranks of the internet, the Lego Mars Curiosity Rover ($30), is equally as impressive as the initial four. Modeled from a set designed by a real NASA engineer, the rover is ready to tackle any challenges it faces on the Red Planet, with six-wheel suspension, an articulated robot arm, and plenty of places to mount a camera. It's the perfect toy for any space buff, or for the adult collector who couldn't stand to let one of these coveted sets slip through his fingers.

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