Leica M9-P White Edition Camera

One of only 50 ever produced — number 23, to be exact — this Leica M9-P White Edition Camera is as exclusive yet stylish a shooter as you'll find. Amazingly, it's prior owner only shot 360 photos with it, so there's basically zero wear on its 18 megapixel full-frame sensor and shutter. The rest of the set, including the body, Noctilux lens, metal body cap, rear lens cap, and matching white leather strap, is in similarly pristine condition, with only a nick in the front lens cap providing a hint of its used nature. Not to worry though, as they're throwing in a brand new one at no extra charge.

  • Fujifilm X70 Camera

    Big capabilities. Pocket-friendly size. The new Fujifilm X70 Camera offers an advanced sensor the size of most DSLRs in a package that you can take with you anywhere. At 16.3 megapixels, the X-Trans CMOS II sensor captures outstanding detail even in low light, and is paired with a Fujinon 18.5mm, f/2.8 lens, the 35mm equivalent of 28mm glass. There's a speedy AF system with 77 points for tracking movement, a silent electronic shutter capable of 1/32,000 second exposures, built-in Wi-Fi for instant sharing or printing via an Instax Printer, and a 3-inch touchscreen display that rotates up to 180 degrees, making shots from different angles — including selfies — a breeze.

  • Kiba Family Camera

    If you have a family, you likely take a lot of pictures of them. Unfortunately, that also means you're missing out on the moment, stuck behind the camera (or phone). The Kiba Family Camera lets you enjoy those moments with your family while still getting the shot. It takes 13 megapixels stills and shoots 1080p video, and uses a custom "Joy Ranking Algorithm" to pick the best shots and clips from each day, uploading them automatically to the cloud. You can also start the camera via voice command or schedule a time for recording, but most of the time it just works on its own — exactly how you'd want it.

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