Leica M9P

Leica M9P

We've seen the standard edition, and we've seen it in titanium. Now it's time to see it go undercover. The Leica M9P ($TBA) brings the 18 megapixel, full-frame 24 x 36mm sensor, 80-2500 ISO range, 1/4000 of a second shutter speed, full metal housing, and 2.5-inch monitor of the original to bear in a generally unmarked model, replacing the signature front red dot with a logogram on the top deck, and adding a sapphire crystal covering for the LCD. Available in unobtrusive silver or even more stealthy black.

  • Lomo LC-Wide Camera

    Analog photography, like vinyl, is making a huge comeback — and you can get in on the action with the Lomo LC-Wide Camera ($390). Sporting a fixed 17mm Minigon Ultra-Wide Angle lens, the LC-Wide shoots on pretty much any type of 35mm film, and offers a choice between full, square, or half-format shots, multiple exposures, a close-up focus distance of just 0.4 meters, auto exposure, zone-based focusing, and a maximum shutter speed of 1/500. A new DSLR it's not, but that's entirely the point.

  • Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera

    Getting tired of the endless feature creep of modern point-and-shoots? The Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera ($130) should be a breath of fresh air. Instead of piling on pointless panoramic and photographic functions, this simple five-megapixel shooter is deadly simple, until your turn on the night vision mode, which retracts the infrared blocking filter over the lens and activates the bright IR LED to invisibly illuminate even the darkest of scenes. Record kitty lulz to your heart's content, even if you can't see them.

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