Leica Monochrom Meister Edition Berlin Camera

We've seen Leicas painted red. We've seen them painted green. Unique among them is the Leica Monochrom Meister Edition Berlin Camera, which isn't painted at all. Created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Leica Store Berlin, both the Monochrom (Type 246) and its companion Summilux-M 1.4/50mm lens were treated in a brown pickling solution, giving them an elegantly understated look that's further enhanced by a gray leather body cover. Limited to just 10 examples, and available exclusively from the Leica Store Berlin.

  • Relonch Camera

    Plenty of us have big, expensive standalone cameras — and folders full of unfulfilled potential to go along with them. Relonch Camera promises to shift this entire paradigm by making the camera a service instead of a large purchase. The camera itself is wrapped in a handsome leather case that covers everything but the lens, shutter button, and viewfinder, removing the need/temptation to fiddle with settings. Your shots are uploaded via a built-in SIM card to their servers, where sophisticated algorithms pick your best shots, automatically adjust/develop them, and send them to the app for review. Pick your favorite photo from each day, and they'll send you a monthly photobook filled with your latest memories. All without the need to go to a camera shop or fire up a filter app.

  • Chronos 1.4 High-Speed Camera

    Phantom cameras — and their competition — are amazing tools. They're also amazingly expensive. The Chronos 1.4 High-Speed Camera offers high-speed slow-motion at a fraction of the cost. It's powered by a 1280x1024 CMOS image sensor with a 1.4Gpx/s throughput, capable of capturing motion at 1,057 fps at full-res and going as high as 21,649 fps at lower resolutions. It has a touchscreen interface augmented by a handy jog wheel, is compatible with C and CS mount lenses out of the box, uses standard Nikon EN-EL4A batteries, and is available in both color and monochrome-only models.

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