Leica T Camera

Incredibly sexy and incredible expensive, Leica T Camera will fit right in with the rest of the brand's impressive lineup. Built in and around a single piece of machined aluminum (constructed as a partnership with Audi), shipping in either black or natural finishes, and kitted out with an APS-C 16-megapixel sensor courtesy of Sony, this lightweight shooter is a thing of absolute beauty. Initially available with two lenses, it also sports a large touchscreen, WiFi connectivity, and a smartphone app to control its functionality, there are plenty of cameras out there that do what it can do, but few that look this good doing it.

  • Sony A7S Camera

    Anymore, just because you want a camera that's small in size, doesn't mean you should settle for something that's small in features. With the Sony A7S Camera, you get both — the world's smallest full-frame interchangeable lens camera, and a pro-level shooter, all in one. Built to fit in the palm of your hand, this camera takes full advantage of its 35-millimeter full-frame 12.2-megapixel sensor, letting you take incredible photos no matter the quality of light. But, it doesn't just stop at photos. This camera also uses its large sensor to take incredible 4K video, so no pixel is lost even when you're shooting video at very high resolution.

  • GoPro Blackout Housing

    Sometimes you need a little stealth when you're capturing that all-important shot — and it can be advantageous not to draw attention to your camera — in those cases, the GoPro Blackout Housing is your best bet. Made with an all-matte-black non-reflective finish, this housing helps your GoPro just fade into the background, letting you record video without making your camera the center of attention. Included stickers let you cover your LCD screen, further disguising it from your subject, while waterproofing down to 40 meters lets you get shots in nearly any condition. Sub out the skeleton backdoor for when capturing audio clearly is a must, or use the standard backdoor for total coverage.

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