Lenovo Smart Assistant

It may remind you of an Amazon Echo. There's a good reason for that. Developed in collaboration with Amazon, the Lenovo Smart Assistant packs Alexa's smarts into a more decor-friendly package. Like the Echo, it has an array of 360-degree, far-field microphones to let you turn off lights, order pizzas, or hail an Uber using nothing but your voice. It also has a 5W tweeter and 10W woofer for music, but should you decide you need something a bit more powerful, there's an all-black, Harman Kardon-powered edition with a larger sound cavity for improved performance.

  • BoseBuild Speaker Cube

    More than just a Bluetooth box, the BoseBuild Speaker Cube is a chance to get your child interested in electronics. The kit includes everything you need to build the speaker, with rugged components designed with kids in mind and app-based instructions. Along the way, your child will learn about concepts ranging from magnets and electromagnets to how sound works, and when finished will end up with a high-quality speaker they can take pride in having built themselves.

  • RokBlok Record-Riding Player

    Pretty much all record players have one thing in common: they spin the record. The RokBlok Record-Riding Player turns this notion on its head, instead riding around on top of the record like a toy train to play the music hidden in its grooves. Weighing in at just 3.2 oz, it has a built-in pre-amp, speaker, and rechargeable battery, and also has Bluetooth for streaming the sound to a more robust system. And since it's not tied down by wires or power cables, it'll work pretty much anywhere you can find a flat surface whether you're playing a 33 or a 45.

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