LG 105-Inch Curved Ultra HD TV

Feeling proud of that brand new 60-inch you bought yourself as an early Christmas present? Well, that's all about to change once you lay eyes on the LG 105-Inch Curved Ultra HD TV ($TBA). This TV is appallingly huge — we don't even know who would have the space for something like this — but that doesn't make it any less incredible. It boasts a staggering 11-million pixels across its 105-inch curved screen (which is pretty hard to fathom), as well as an amazing 21:9 aspect ratio. While pricing hasn't been announced yet, we're assuming it should resemble something like the average American's yearly income. But hey, you can't put a price on these kind of bragging rights.

  • LG Curved OLED TV

    For years we haven't seen much innovation in TVs beyond growing screen sizes and shrinking costs — but that all changes with the LG Curved OLED TV ($15,000). The first organic LED display to hit the United States market, it passes electrical current through a biological substance that glows without a backlight. This gives it the truest blacks and most vibrant colors of any display, while maintaining a 4.3 mm thickness and 38 pound weight (unheard-of for a 55-inch screen). Couple that with a curved design that delivers an I-Max-like experience, 3D tech, and smart TV functionality, and you've got one hell of an addition to your living room.

  • Chromecast

    Trying a different tack than other internet-connected TV peripherals, the Chromecast ($35) from Google lets you wirelessly stream content from your device — a Chrome browser-equipped laptop, iOS or Android smartphone, or tablet — to your HDTV. With this tiny dongle, you'll be able to watch video from services like Netflix, YouTube, Google Chrome, and (with a forthcoming update) Devour on a full-size display. It's easy to set up, small, and capable of streaming content in full 1080p HD, with 5.1 surround sound. If you buy it now, they'll even throw in three months of free NetFlix, not bad.

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