Why shell out a grand a half to look like a jackass document your life with Google Glass when you can do the same thing with the LifeLogger? Like Glass, this head-mounted gadget allows you to record video and take still photos — 720p and 5MP, respectively — from a point-of view that's very similar to what you're seeing with your own eyes. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you stream video directly from the camera, although with 32GB of storage, whether you want to or not is totally up to you and your subjects.

  • Lytro Illum Camera

    The first Lytro Camera was an interesting piece of kit, using light field technology to take photos that could be refocused after the fact. But with a maximum resolution of 1080x1080 and an unusual elongated body, it was more tech demo than usable tool. The Lytro Illum Camera looks to change all that. Built around a more traditional body, it features an 8x zoom lens, the ability to focus on objects that are literally touching the lens, an SD slot for storage, and a 40 Megaray CMOS sensor that works in concert with a Snapdragon processor to produce 4MP images that offer all the refocusing magic of the tiny pics from the original.

  • Blackmagic Studio Camera

    Looking to shoot a live broadcast, but don't have the budget for traditional live camera equipment? Check this out. The Blackmagic Studio Camera combines a slim, sleek body with all the power you need for serious live production. In addition to an enormous 10-inch viewfinder with integrated control panel and flexible MFT mount, it also sports a 4-hour battery, an illuminated tally, and a host of pro-grade connections like bi-directional optical fiber and SDI, an aviation headset jack, and stereo XLR mic inputs. The 1080p60 video from the standard model not good enough for you? Not to worry, as a 4K 2160p60 model is on the way.

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