Light L16 Camera

Sure, we've ditched film, but the basics of photography remain much the same as they were decades ago. The Light L16 Camera is out to revolutionize the industry by ditching the traditional DSLR form factor altogether. Dubbed a "multi-aperture computational camera", it fires up to 10 small cameras out of 16 simultaneously, using a powerful processor and proprietary algorithms to stitch together the results into a single high-quality 52 megapixel image. This unique approach lets you choose your focus and depth of field after you've taken your photo, and gives you all this capability in a device that's able to fit in your pocket.

  • GoPro Odyssey VR Camera Rig

    Optimized for Google's Jump virtual reality platform, the new GoPro Odyssey VR Camera Rig is ready to help you grab 360-degree 3D footage straight out of the box. To do so, it uses an array of 16 Hero4 Black cameras, each loaded with custom firmware and attached to a dedicated Array BacPac. They all arrive installed in a special capture rig, accompanied by a custom-built ruggedized Pelican case, 16 microSD cards, and all the cables and accessories you need to get started.

  • Polaroid Snap Instant Camera

    The Polaroids of old were popular not because they were great photographic tools, but because they were fun. The Polaroid Snap Instant Camera offers a similar feeling of casual spontaneity, updated for modern times. Each time you snap a photo, you can use the integrated ZINK printer to spit out a 2" x 3" print that you can share IRL, instantly. Of course, being a digital camera, it also stores the 10 megapixel shots on a Micro SD card, and gives you several different shooting modes, including color, black and white, a vintage Polaroid filtered, and "photo booth", which snaps six quick images in ten seconds.

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