Light Touch

Light Touch

We've had touchscreens now for a while, and we've had projectors for way longer than anyone reading this has been alive. So why haven't they been combined before now? Light Touch ($TBA) is only a reference product for now, but it features up-and-coming tech like holographic laser projection technology that allows it to create a bright, high-quality, always in focus WVGA resolution image — up to 10 inches — on nearly any surface, and pairs it with an infra-red touch sensing system to turn the projected image into a touch screen. In addition, it runs Flash Lite, allowing for a whole host of different applications, and boasts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity, 2GB of onboard memory, and a microSD slot for expansion.

  • The Storymatic

    Any long-time writer knows the horrors of writer's block, but luckily, The Storymatic ($30) is here to help. By following two simple laws — a main character that changes during the story and doesn't die along the way — The Storymatic's 500 cards, separated by color into gold cards offering a character trait or occupation and white cards that contain a situation or object, help you build a compelling story by simply following along.

  • Nine Inch Nails Touring Gear

    It may not help you play like Reznor, but with the help of some Nine Inch Nails Touring Gear ($TBD; Auction), at least you can look the part. This selection of high-end guitars — soon to be joined by other gear like keyboards, amplifiers, drums, guitar effects, and more — was taken directly from the Nine Inch Nails tour and studio rig, making each item a small piece of music history.

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