From iPhones to Swiss Army Knives, more and more of the things in our life need to be as good at multitasking as we are, and the LightCap ($30) is no exception. This one-liter water bottle doubles as a renewable LED lantern via integrated FastSolar technology, and can also function as a waterproof container when it's not holding liquids, which makes sense, since it can hold, you know, water.

  • Survival Stove

    Hopefully, you'll never really need the Survival Stove ($90), but if you do, it's a handy item to have around. This collapsible, lightweight cooking apparatus operates on 2AA batteries, and uses an internal fan to generate intense heat, which makes it capable of burning nearly any kind of dry fuel — including wood, fibers, cardboard, charcoal, and, for the really desperate, dried poo. Yummy.

  • Katadyn Pocket Water Filter

    Whether you're exploring the wilderness or living there, the Katadyn Pocket Water Filter ($235) can help keep you alive. Its ceramic water filter can handle up to one liter per minute, and removes all sorts of nasty stuff, including parasites, cholera and typhoid — for you Oregon Trailers out there — salmonella and other harmful bacteria, parasites, and germs, all in a rugged aluminum shell that'll stand up to the worst of elements. Just remember, the water may be safe, but that roadkill possum you're cooking up probably isn't.

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