Linde Werdelin Dive & Ski Instruments

Whether you like to spend your free time under the sea or far, far above it, these Linde Werdelin Dive & Ski Instruments (1,200-1,800 CHF; roughly $1,300-$1,950) are worthy companions. Designed to clip on top of the company's watches but perfectly capable of standing on their own, these digital timepieces feature anodized aluminum cases, sapphire crystal screens, four-button menu systems, and angular cases. The skiing model — dubbed The Rock — measures altitude and has an external sensor for accurate measurement of air temperature, while its scuba counterpart — The Reef — provides accurate calculations of depth, oxygen percentage, and water temperature.

  • Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Watch

    Smart watches have typically been the domain of geeky-looking wrist adornments that make their intelligence readily known. Until now. The Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Watch ($180) hooks up with your iPhone using Bluetooth 4.0 while retaining the classic G-Shock profile. Thanks to the connection, you'll get incoming call and email alerts right on your wrist, as well as automatic time setting, an alarm when your phone drifts too far from your watch, and even a feature that can sound an alert when it's time to find your trusty pocket computer. Available in four fashionable colorways.

  • Benjamin Hubert Plicate Watch

    Who said watch faces had to be flat? The Benjamin Hubert Plicate Watch (£100; roughly $160) replaces the traditional flat face with a pleated surface, with each fold representing a second. While the pleats on the face help you to tell the time and add a unique look to the watch, the pleats on the inside of the polyurethane strap help to keep air flowing between your wrist and the watch itself. To finish things off, it sports a bar band-style pop closure, ensuring that you don't take it too seriously. [Scouted by Jonathan]

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