Lindlund Creative Ruler

Today's designers need more than just inches to layout their sketches. The Lindlund Creative Ruler was made for them. Cut from high-grade aluminum, it offers the traditional measurements of inches and centimeters, plus both picas and pixels. The latter has a simulated ppi of 150, as well as indications for the sizes of iPhone and iPad screens. A rubber coating on the back keeps it securely in place, and the four measurements make it easy to create 90-degree angles. Available with a black or silver anodized finish.

  • Perpetuum Calendar

    There are plenty of traditional paper calendars that are worthy of your time. Yet even the best ones need replacement once a year. The Perpetuum Calendar will enhance the looks of your desk without ever running out. Its base, with a sawtooth shape inspired by factories of the early 20th century, is 3D-printed in either gray metallic plastic or jet black nylon, while 14k gold-plated timepieces mark the month and the day, and require you to move them manually, bringing the passage of time into daily focus.

  • Tombow Airpress Pen

    Having a great pen you can rely on no matter where you take it isn't as common as you might think. That's why the reliability of pens like this Tombow Airpress Pen are so amazing. It's a pressure-refill pen that gives you the ability to toss it in your bag and be sure it will write consistently each time you reach for it thanks to the patented pressurized technology it employs. You also get a comfortable rubberized grip and a metal clip to attach it wherever you want it to stay. One click pressurizes the refill for 492 feet of upside-down writing, making it a great choice for folks that work outdoors, write on wet paper, or just need a tough lightweight pen to get their thoughts on paper at a moment's notice.

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