Line 6 Relay G10 Wireless Guitar System

Free yourself from the tangle of cables and play without limitations with the Line 6 Relay G10 Wireless Guitar System. Using 24-bit digital technology, it provides an interference-, compression-, and latency-free wireless connection between your guitar's 1/4" output and the 1/4" or XLR input on your amp or rig. Just plug it in, and the transmitter and receiver automatically find the optimum channel. The transmitter's rechargeable battery last for up to 8 hours, charges in a docking well on the receiver, and lights up to let you know when it's running low, and since it only activates when it's fully connected, you don't get an annoying pop when you're plugging it in.

  • Sevenhugs Smart Remote

    More things connected to the Internet equals more things you can control remotely. Unfortunately, that also means more apps dedicated to all your stuff. The Sevenhugs Smart Remote looks to remove your phone from the equation altogether by giving you context-sensitive controls over everything in your house. Using a system of plug-in beacons, the remote automatically knows where it is and what you're pointing it at, displaying the right controls for the job on the fly. That means you need only one remote to control your TV, lighting, thermostat, music, and more, while your phone stays happily in your pocket.

  • Teslasuit

    Modern virtual reality systems envelop your senses of sight and sounds with ever more realistic environments. The Teslasuit promises to do the same for your sense of touch. Using an electro-tactile haptic feedback system embedded inside clothing, it can let you touch and feel objects inside virtual worlds. It connects to your rig via Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and depending on which model you choose — Pioneer or Prodigy — you'll get either 16 or 52 feedback channels that can draw you into the experience like never before. It's upgradable, thanks to a modular design, and even includes climate control, so you can feel the heat or chill of the world you're exploring.

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