Lippi Selk Sleeping Bag

Lippi Selk Sleeping Bag

Little did you know, there actually is a sleeping bag that you can wear. The Lippi Selk Sleeping Bag ($175) is a sleeping bag/suit that is designed to keep you warm while allowing you the mobility that in the worst of conditions can keep you alive. Because crossing cold rivers or climbing up the side of a mountain can be rough. We tried to climb up the side of Space Mountain, and we didn't even make it half way before we had to defend ourselves with laser guns. True story. Those damn Disney security guards have stuff you haven't even heard of.

  • Eton Voice Link Radio

    Getting stranded somewhere is never pleasant, but with the Eton Voice Link Radio ($150), you'll at least have some piece of mind. The compact voice link AM/FM radio offers two-way talk via any Family Radio Service-enabled device, receives both General Mobile Radio Service transmissions and weather advisories from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, and features a bright LED flashlight, cell phone charger, a siren, a digital clock, and a hand-crank charger. See? Peace of mind.

  • Pirate Scope

    Being successful as a pirate was as much about sailing as it was about looting and pillaging, and to be a good sailor, you've got to know where you're going. The Pirate Scope ($70) is much like the ones used in the pirates' heyday, but with modern improvements like high-quality, coated achromatic lenses that magnify up to 25x and a precision-crafted brass body. Plus, it collapses down to a manageable 5.5-inches, and comes with a mahogany storage chest.

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