Little Printer

We've heard of personal publishing, but this is ridiculous. Little Printer ($259) is a tiny, friendly-looking thermal printer that connects to the cloud to bring you customized news updates from sources like the Guardian, Foursquare, Google, and Nike+, plus puzzles, weather updates, and other useful info, printed on a receipt-sized publication that prints on-demand when you press the button. Expect to see one on a bookshelf near you next year.

  • Pico Dolly

    You know the real difference between Hollywood-looking video and the stuff you've been shooting on your phone or DSLR? Proper camera movement. Even the steadiest of hands can add unwanted shake, so eliminate the possibility altogether with the Pico Dolly ($90). this simple, sturdy unit features a metal dolly unit with a tripod mount, a reposition-able 11" arm, a clamp for holding phones or cameras that lack a tripod mount, and rotating wheels so you can shoot in a circular motion or in a curve. And hey, it's a helluva lot simpler and cheaper than hiring an actual camera crew.

  • Brixton x Fender Guitar Case

    You paid a fortune to get your impossibly vintage-looking Jag-Stang just the way you wanted it, so why are you carrying it from gig to gig in a pedestrian case? The Brixton x Fender Guitar Case ($200) is worthy of carrying such a lovingly-crafted axe, with a vintage-inspired design, solid construction, and a near guarantee that it won't be mistaken for the opening band's gear. [Scouted by Eric]

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