Livescribe Echo Smartpen

Like the Livescribe Pulse before it, the new Livescribe Echo Smartpen ($150-$200) is the perfect gift for the compulsive note-taker. Available in 4GB or 8GB versions, the Echo works with a special notebook to record audio while you take notes, letting you tap on the written sections to hear the audio recorded when the writing took place. Other features include app compatibility, easily replaceable ink cartridges, an OLED display, soft rubber grip, a rechargeable battery, and the ability to draw strange looks when other coffee house-goers realize you're talking to a pen.

  • Telegram Stop

    Like Doc Brown's message to Marty from 1885 to 1955, you can now send honest-to-goodness telegrams across the ocean or across time with Telegram Stop ($6). This ingenious online service allows you to type in your message — complete with -(STOP)- for periods and full stops — and send it on a vintage-looking card to anyone you want at any (current or future) time you want, replacing a simple electronic communiqué with something much more permanent and memorable. You can even upload photos to be printed and sent along with your message. Take that, MMS.

  • Embassy Pen

    Built for the government and looking every bit as official as you'd expect, the Embassy Pen ($40) is ready to let you sign your checks with as much flair as a president signing an international bacon-awareness treaty. The pen itself is made from anodized aluminum, and features a knurled grip, a medium black SPR4 pressurized Fisher Space Pen ink cartridge, and a built-in stainless steel clip for affixing to a shirt pocket, belt loop, or top-secret file.

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