Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

Take a lot of notes? Then consider investing in a Livescribe Pulse Smartpen ($100). Available with 1GB or 2GB of internal storage, the Pulse has a microphone, camera, and special paper that allows it to make a digital record of your writing and associate it with the audio it captured at the time you were writing. Watch this for an example. It also features an OLED display, and has a growing developer community working on new ways to use the device — meaning it might become even more useful after you buy it.

  • Bluelounge Sanctuary

    We're all for one-stop charging stations, and the new Bluelounge Sanctuary ($130) is now one of our favorites. The rounded square-shaped station has a universal charger hidden below its top tray, which allows you to plug in multiple devices at once. It comes with 12 built-in adapters for the most popular gadgets, such as iPods, mini-USB charging devices, most major cellphones, and more, and also offers a powered USB port for supplying your own cable. Simple, sleek, and elegant.

  • Dash Express

    Going beyond the typical GPS system, Dash Express ($400 plus subscription) is an internet-connected navigation device, offering both cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. This enables it to get real-time traffic data from other users, which it uses to show you the best (quickest) routes to your destination. Other features include local Yahoo! search, the ability to send addresses to the device via the internet, and more. The second generation of GPS starts now.

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