Livescribe Sky Smartpen

Merge your real-life note taking and online workflow with the Livescribe Sky Smartpen ($170-$200). Available in 2GB and 4GB models, this multi-function pen sports a built-in mic and speaker for recording and playing back the audio that accompanies your notes — up to 200 or 400 hours of it, respectively. Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, it automatically sends notes and audio to Evernote, and can also share notes directly to other services. Best of all, you can access your notes from nearly anywhere, including on a PC, Mac, iOS or Android device, or pretty much anything with a browser.

  • Ping Pong Conference Table

    Relieve your unproductive meeting frustration without even leaving the meeting room with this Ping Pong Conference Table. Made from stark, powder-coated white tubular steel, it features concealed drawers for holding ping pong essentials and/or meeting supplies, a color-coordinated net, and a pair of central panel inserts — one that's a net support, and one that does hide-away power and cable management. Matching paddles included. [via]

  • Focal Locus Workstation

    Sitting is bad for you. The Focal Locus Workstation ($1,450) is not. It uses a specially designed seat that sits atop a pivoting leg and an angled footpad integrated into the base to allow you to rest somewhere between sitting and standing, encouraging movement as well as blood and oxygen flow. A matching desk angles down to complement the seat; aluminum, steel, hardwood laminate and polymer construction round out the feature set. [Scouted by Philip]

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