Lix 3D Printing Pen

Interested in getting into 3D printing, but not eager to fork out the cash necessary for a costly printer? All you need to take advantage of the artistic and creative possibilities with 3D printing is the Lix 3D Printing Pen. While it may not afford you the structural rigidity of items printed from a full-fledged printer, you can still draw incredible structures and sculptures as easily as placing a pen to paper. And as the smallest 3D printing pen available on the market, you don't need to worry about handling clumsy tools every time you want to make something.

  • Micro 3D Printer

    Over the past couple of years we've watched as the barriers to entry for 3D printing came down one-by-one — machines grew steadily cheaper, more competition entered the market, software became easier to use — and the Micro 3D Printer is just one more example of that trend. Made to be truly consumer-facing, this 3D printer is small enough to fit on your desk, affordable enough to not put it out of reach of the average tinkerer, and easy enough to use to eliminate the intimidation factor. It's also flexible, with interchangeable components, the ability to accommodate a range of material and filament options, compatibility with most operating systems and software, and an online marketplace where novice designers can download a wealth of objects.

  • Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate

    Taking minimalism to a whole new level, the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate features an all-black blank set of keys that's perfect for gamers and typists alike. It sports mechanical key switches with gold contacts for a tactile feel and acoustic response that will make you want to type longer and faster. Dedicated media controls including a large volume knob let you easily adjust your music without ever touching a mouse, while a two port hub with USB 3.0 connectivity lets you use additional devices at up to ten times the speed of normal USB. Couple that with an anodized aluminum top panel and you get a keyboard that feels amazing to type on, and looks great while you're doing it.

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